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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 20 - The Yerebatan Cistern

Beat "The Yerebatan Cistern" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo.


Man 1: Do you see anything?

Man 2: What happened here? Come, surely somebody saw something.

Man 3: Where do you think that one's from?

Man 1: There in the corner, I saw something.

Man 2: Get reinforcements. This is an attack. Now, on him!

Sofia: Salve (Hello), Ezio. That took some time. What did you find?

Ezio: Something that may interest you.

Sofia: Mio Dio, che meraviglia (My God, it's beautiful)! And here is my shop.

Ezio: Look at the margins.

Sofia: Strange symbols. And these are title of books, rare books. A few of these have not been seen for more than a millennium.

Ezio: Niccolo Polo hid these books around the city. This map should tell us where.

Sofia: You're beginning to interest me, vaguely.

Ezio: From what I can tell, I need to find these three books first. They may contain clues to locate the rest of these.

Sofia: Molto curioso (very curious).

Ezio: Another was found beneath Topkapi Palace, but there is still time to reach the others.

Sofia: Found by whom?

Ezio: Men who do not read. Sofia, can you decipher this map? Help me find these books?

Sofia: Can I borrow them when you are finished?

Ezio: We will work something out.

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