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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 26 - The Sentinel, Part 2

Beat "The Sentinel, Part 2" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo.


Ezio: Was it Vali who did this to you?

Woman: Mentor, forget me. You have fallen for a ruse. He captured me to draw Assassins away from our headquarters. He will be on his way there now!

Man 1: Aha! Get him!

Sentinel: You are a canny soldier, Ezio. But you alone are not enough to save this city.

Ezio: I will follow from the rooftops.

Sentinel: Once your creed was as vital to me as air and water. But when the Turks marched into Wallachia and your Assassins did nothing to stop it, how could I continue to believe? If a man's philosophy does not let him protect his people, his home and his family, what good can it do for the world?

Ezio: Peace be with you.

Claudia, I am now in possession of one of the Masyaf keys. And better still, I have discovered a map, encoded with signs and symbols, which I believe will lead me to the remaining keys. It's full meaning is a mystery to me. But I am thankful to have met a Venetian woman willing to help me decipher it. I must not overstate my successes. The Templars still hold one key hostage. And if I am to recover it, I may need more help than the Assassins can provide. If I can make a friend in the Ottoman court, my access to the secrets of the city will improve greatly.

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