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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 27 - The Prince's Banquet

Check out Part 28 and beat "The Prince's Banquet" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo.


Yusuf: A pleasant surprise, Ezio. We should stories if I am not dead by this time tomorrow.

Ezio: Is there a chance of that?

Yusuf: We learned that the Byzantines are planning to infiltrate Topkapi Palace now that Prince Suleiman has returned from his hajj.

If they do strike, it will be tonight at a cultural exposition the Prince has organized.

Ezio: So what is our plan?

Yusuf: Kardeshim, this is not your fight. No need to snare yourself in the Ottoman affairs.

Ezio: The Byzantines found a key beneath Topkapi Palace, and I would like to know how.

Yusuf: Ezio, we want to protect our Shehzade, not interrogate him.

Ezio: Trust me, Yusuf. Just tell me where to go.

Yusuf: Topkapi's main gate. We plan to dress as entertainers and walk right in.

Ezio: I will find a disguise and meet you there.

Minstrels from Italia? I am going to enjoy this.

Yusuf: I look ridiculous. I feel ridiculous.

Ezio: My blade is too conspicuous in this outfit. Are you armed?

Yusuf: Mesele degil. You mark the targets and we will take them out.

You know how to play that thing?

Ezio: I learned a few chords when I was young.

Yusuf: When were you ever young?

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