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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 28 - The Prince's Banquet

Beat "The Prince's Banquet" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo.


Guard: This courtyard is closed to the public. Turn around and start walking.

Ezio: Perdonate, buon signore. (Forgive me, kind sir.) We are this evening's entertainment.

Guard: Any old gerzek (fool) can carry an instrument around. Get lost. You sound like a dying cat. What is this? Berbatsin! (You are terrible!) What are you doing? Pekala! (All right!) Go in and bother the guests with that noise.

Ezio: This courtyard is clear.

Man: But I do not see Prince Suleiman. Follow me. Now this is a celebration. Suleiman. The Sultan's grandson, and governor of Kefe. And he's only seventeen.

Ezio: We met on the ship. He told me he was a student. And who is that?

Man: His uncle, Shehzade (Prince) Ahmet. The Sultan's favored son. He is grooming himself for the Sultanate as we speak.

Ahmet: Serefe! (To life!) Sagliginiza! (To health!)

Man: Come. We have more Byzantines to find.

Suleiman: Thank you for coming. We should speak soon. Hayirli Aksamlar. (Good evening.) I hope you are enjoying yourself.

Soldier: Suikastchi! Shikastchi! (Assassin! Assassin!) Clear the courtyard! Shehzade (Prince) Suleiman. Take cover! Follow them. Ezio!

Sulieman: It is a relief to see you again mio bel menestrello. (my handsome minstrel.) Did I say that right?

Ezio: Well enough. I hear you are a governor too. Is there anything you do not do?

Sulieman: I do not talk to strangers. I am Suleiman.

Ezio: Ezio Auditore.

Soldier: Shehzadem! (Prince!) Are you injured?

Sulieman: Who is your captain, soldier?

Soldier: Tarik Barleti. He is away on an errand.

Sulieman: Clear this body and send the guests home. Then summon Tarik to the Divan.

Soldier: Bashustune Shehzadem. (Yes, my Prince.)

Sulieman: Tarik Barleti is a captain in the Janissary corps, the Sultan's elite soldiery.

Ezio: They guard the Sultan, but not his family?

Sulieman: Not very well, evidently. Ezio, do you have some time to spare? I would like your opinion on something.

Ezio: I will, once I change out of these rags.

Sulieman: Guzel. (Good.) Meet me when you are ready.

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