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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 33 - The Mentor's Wake (1 of 2)

Check out Part 34 and beat "The Mentor's Wake" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo.


Altair: You held fire in your hand, old man. It should have been destroyed!

Al Mualim: Destroy the only thing capable of ending the crusades and creating true peace? Never.

Altair: : Forgive me for this Mentor, but the Apple corrupted you. And through you it would have corrupted us...for us to live, you had to die.

Soldier: Is it truly over? Is that sorcerer dead?

Altair: He was no sorcerer. Just an ordinary man in command of illusions.

Have you prepared the pyre?

Soldier: I have, but...Altair...some of the men, will not stand for such a thing.

Altair: Let me handle it.

Are you fit to travel?

Soldier: Well enough, yes.

Altair: I asked Malik to ride to Jerusalem with the news of Al Mualim's death.

Peasant: Am I hallucinating?

Altair: Would you ride to Acre and do the same?

Soldier: Of course.

Peasants: Please help me now.

What is happening?

So much confusion.

How did it come to this?

My mind was clear but my would not move.

Was our mentor the cause of this confusion?

I do not believe this.

Al Mualim.

Abbas: What has happened here?

Altair: Our Mentor deceived us all. The Templars corrupted him.

Abbas: Where is your proof?

Altair: Walk with me, Abbas, and I will explain.

Abbas: And if I find your answers wanting?

Altair: I will talk until you are satisfied.

Do you remember the artifact we recovered from Robert DeSable in Solomon's temple?

Abbas: The artifact you were sent to retrieve, but others delivered?

Altair: Yes. It is a Templar tool, the Apple of Eden. It can conjure illusions and control men's minds. A deadly weapon.

Abbas: And you believe Al Mualim fell under its spell?

Altair: I do. Today he used the Apple to enslave Masyaf. You saw that for yourself.

Abbas: I do not know what I saw.

Altair: Listen, Abbas. The Apple is safe in Al Mualim's study. When I am finished here, I will show you all I know.

Abbas: Altair! No!

Altair: I must know that he cannot return.

Abbas: But this is not our way! To burn a man's body is forbidden!

Peasant: Defiler!

Altair: Hear me out! This body could be another of Al Mualim's phantoms! I must be certain!

Abbas: Lies! All your life you have made a mockery of our Creed! You bend the rules to suit your whims, while belittling and humiliating those around you!

Peasant: Restrain him!

Peasant: Did you not hear him? Al Mualim is bewitched!

Abbas: What did I tell you, Altair?

Altair: Abbas! Stop!

Abbas: What did you think would happen when you murdered our beloved Mentor?

Altair: You loved Al Mualim less than anyone! You blamed him for all your misfortune, even your father's suicide!

Abbas: My father was a hero!

Altair: This is not the time to quarrel over the past. We must decide what to do with that weapon!

Abbas: Whatever this artifact is capable of, you are not worthy to wield it.

Altair: No man is!

Abbas: Ahhh. It IS beautiful, is it not?

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