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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 37 - Portrait of a Lady

Beat "Portrait of a Lady" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo of the fourth installment of the series from Ubisoft.


Sofia: Salute. I'm closing in on two more books - one near Topkapi and the other in the Bayezid district.

Ezio: Bayezid first. Topkapi will be a dead end.

Sofia: Ah, si.

Ezio: What do you make of this?

Sofia: Oh Ezio, e incredible! Early coptic bindings, still in good shape. Amazing. This must be a 3rd century transcription of the original.

Ezio: Sofia, what happened here?

Sofia: Oh, that happens once or twice a year. People break in, thinking they will find money. I do not keep much here, but this time they made off with a portrait of some value. It is a shame.

Ezio: You keep working. I will find your painting.

Sofia: Ezio, the thief could be anywhere by now.

Ezio: If the thief came for money, but took a painting, he should be close by, eager to get rid of it.

Sofia: Well, if you happen to find it within the next few hours, meet me by the aqueduct. I will be running errands.

Man: Please! A bandit!

Woman: Stop it! What is wrong with you?

Woman 2: What on earth?

Man 2: Has he lost his mind?

Man 3: Good show! Why behave like a rabid monkey?

Woman 3: What on earth is he doing?

Ezio: Where is it, ladro? Confess!

Thief: I have done nothing! You cannot prove a damn thing!

Ezio: I do not need to. I will just keep hitting you until you talk.

Thief: I found that painting. I mean, someone gave it to me.

Ezio: Get your story straight before you lie to my face. I do not care how you got the painting. Just tell me where it is.

Thief: I sold it to a merchant in the Bazaar. How else will I feed myself?

Ezio: Next time, find a nicer way to be a canaglia.

Thief: God preserve me!

Merchant: I have a painting for sale, if you are curious. A luminous portrait. You see how lifelike she looks. Her beauty shines through!

Ezio: Got it! They've obviously crossed the wrong people.

Sofia: It is a good likeness, don't you think?

Ezio: I prefer the original.

Sofia: Buffone. This was a gift from my father for my twenty-eighth birthday. I had to sit for messer Albrecht Durer for a full week. Can you imagine? Me sitting still for seven days? Doing nothing?

Ezio: I cannot.

Sofia: Una tortura! So, I found you another book location. And it is not far from here actually.

Ezio: Grazie.

Sofia: Ezio, what is this all about? You are not a scholar, that much is clear. Do you work for the church?

Ezio: Not the church, no. But I am a teacher...of a kind. I will explain one day, Sofia. When I can.

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