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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 41 - A New Regime (1 of 2)

Check out Part 42 and beat "A New Regime" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo.


Altair: The Templars have retaken their archive on Cyprus. Abbas sent no reinforcements. It was a massacre.

Maria: Oh my god...

Altair: Maria, when we left Masyaf 10 years ago, this Order was strong. But all our progress has been undone.

Maria: Abbas must answer for this.

Altair: Answer to whom? The Assassins obey only his command now.

Maria: Resist your desire for revenge, Altair. Speak truth and they will see their error.

Altair: He executed our youngest son, Maria! He deserves to die!

Maria: Perhaps. But if you cannot win back the Order by honorable means, its foundation will crumble.

Altair: You are right. Thirty years ago I let passion overtake my reason. And it caused a rift that has never fully healed.

Maria: Speak reasonably, and reasonable men will listen.

Altair: Some will, but not Abbas. I should have expelled him thirty years ago when he tried to steal the Apple.

Maria: But you earned the respect of the other Assassins because you let him stay.

Altair: How do you know this? You were not there.

Maria: I married a masterful storyteller.

Altair: Look at this place. Masyaf is a shadow of its former self.

Maria: We have been away for a long time.

Altair: But not in hiding. The Mongol threat demanded our attention, and we rode to meet it. What man here can say the same?

Maria: Where is our eldest son? Does Darim know his brother is dead?

Altair: I sent him a message four days ago. With luck it has reached him already. Abbas...I almost pity him. He wears his grudge like a cloak.

Maria: His wound is deep. It will help him to hear the truth.

Altair: As I walk these streets, I sense a great fear in the people, not love.

Maria: Abbas has dismantled this place, and robbed it of all joy.

Altair: We may be walking to our doom, Maria.

Maria: We may. But we walk together.

Abbas: Let them speak.

Altair: We seek the truth about our son's death. Why was Sef killed?

Abbas: Is it the truth you want, or an excuse for revenge?

Maria: If the truth gives us an excuse, we will act on it.

Abbas: Surrender the Apple, Altair, and I will tell you why your son was put to death.

Altair: Ah, the truth is out already! Abbas wants the Apple for himself. Not to open your minds, but to control them!

Abbas: You have held that artifact for 30 years, Altair, reveling in its power and hoarding its secrets. It has corrupted you.

Altair: Very well, Abbas. Take it.

Maria: What?

Soldier: Before I executed your son, I told him you ordered it yourself. He died believing you had betrayed him.

Maria: Altair! Altair, no! Strength, Altair.

Altair: Maria...

Abbas: He is possessed! Kill him! Take the Apple! Now!

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