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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 42 - A New Regime (2 of 2)

Beat "A New Regime" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo.


Darim: Father, I got your message. What has happened?

Altair: Darim, turn back!

Darim: Have they all gone mad?

Altair: We have to go. Abbas must not get his hands on the apple.

Darim: If you need more knives, take them. Above you!

Darim: Where is Mother?

Altair: She is gone, Darim. I'm sorry.

Darim: Ahead of us!

Darim: What? How?

Altair: Later. First, we fight.

Darim: Brothers, we need not fight!

Altair: Forget reason, Darim. They have been poisoned by lies.

Altair: We must leave at once! Hurry! Watch out! No! We cannot let them catch us!

Darim: Was it Abbas who killed my brother?

Altair: He killed your brother, Malik, and countless others. He is a madman.

Altair: A madman with an army.

Darim: He will die. One day he will pay.

Darim: This way.

Altair: Stay alert!

Altair: It is time to go!

Abbas: I will have the Apple, Altair! And I will have your head for all the dishonor you brought upon my family! You cannot run forever! Not from us and not from your lies!

Altair: Maria, my love.

Excellent news, Claudia. I now have a name. Manuel Palaiologos, nephew of the deposed Byzantine Emperor Constantine. I have few doubts that he is the man leading the Templars. My task now is to interrogate a traitorous janissary named Tarik Barleti and find the location of the Templar's army. Until then, Sofia and I will continue our search for the one key that remains hidden. With every passing moment, I know my chances grow slimmer, and yet I cannot help but linger some days to stay an extra hour with her, to hear her voice and watch her face animate with joy as she speaks of the things that move her: her books, her city, her memories. I cannot help but think what a shame it will be when I find the final key.

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