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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 49 - Honor, Lost and Won

Check out Part 50 and beat "Honor, Lost and Won" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo.


[foreign language 00:00:15]

Janissary 1: All Hail the Janissary!

Janissary 2: Selim understands our plight. The Byzantines, the Mamluks, the Safavid. Only he has the courage to face these threats.

Janissary 3: [foreign language 00:00:29] Selim is a warrior. Like Osman and Mehmet.

Janissary 2: So why has our sultan chosen a cat over our lion?

Janissary 1: Woe betide the murderer who took the life of a beloved Janissary.

Janissary 2: Ahmet shares the Sultan's calm temperament. They are too much alike, I fear.

Janissary 1: This enemy of civilization must be found and brought to justice! If you see something, say something! Dark tidings, citizens of Kostantiniyye. A servant of our sultan has fallen at the hands of a criminal and been stripped of his garments. Be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. Hey, go on...get out of here. Get him!

Janissary 1: Shame on you! All hail the Janissaries.

Man 1: [foreign language 00:01:28]

Woman 1: [foreign language 00:01:30] Champions

Janissary 2: Get out of here, you annoying peasant.

Janissary 4: Why does Ahmet linger in the city? He knows he's not wanted. He is like a moth hovering around an open flame. Waiting for his father to perish so that he may step to the throne.

Janissary 1: Did you hear? He offered Tarik a sum of money in exchange for our loyalty.

Janissary 2: God damn him! What did...

Janissary 5: [foreign language 00:02:13] One of our own was found murdered and stripped of his garments not an hour ago, his body dumped like a mound of rubbish. Keep a close watch on these streets as you move about. Someone is planning to strike in our name. We must be ready.

Janissary 1: Selim's forces have fallen back to Varra. Heavy losses I am told.

Janissary 2: [foreign language 00:02:40] I pray for a swift conclusion.

Janissary 3: Yes but in which direction?

Janissary 6: I cannot say. My heart sides with our sultan, but my head hopes for Selim.

Janissary 7: ...decent enough to...

Janissary 8: What's with you? You're in a good mood today.

Janissary 9: Tarik, a message for you.

Tarik: [foreign language 00:04:40] The rifles have arrived in Cappadocia, where Manuel has garrisoned his army.

Janissary 9: And our men, are they still with him?

Tarik: [foreign language 00:04:52] They will contact us when the Byzantines decamp, then we will meet them when they reach Bursa.

Janissary 9: Everything is falling into place [foreign language 00:04:58]

Tarik: [foreign language 00:05:00] For once. Ah, what a bitter irony. Is this the result of Suleiman's investigation?

Assassin: You collude with the Sultan's enemies. What did you expect would come of such treachery?

Tarik: I blame myself. Not for treason, but hubris. I was preparing an ambush. Preparing to strike the Byzantine Templars when the felt safest.

Assassin: What proof do you have of this?

Tarik: See here. This will lead you to the Byzantines in Cappadocia. Destroy them if you can.

Assassin: You have done well, Tarik. Forgive me.

Tarik: Protect my homeland, Assassin. [foreign language 00:07:08] redeem the honor we have lost in this fight.

Janissary 1: Murderer! Kill Him!

Assassin: I am getting tired of this uniform

Janissary 10: [foreign language 00:07:32] This is no time for a rest.

Janissary 11: This is no time for a rest. Finish him!

Man 2: I'm not a party to any of this.

Janissary 11: Where has he gone? Get him!

Man 3: God, please help me now. I don't know what's going on

Janissary 12: [foreign language 00:08:44]

Man 4: I don't know what's going on.

Man 5: Please God, let me live.

Janissary 12: We have you!

Man 6: ...protect me

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