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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 51 - Bearer of Mixed Tidings

Beat "Bearer of Mixed Tidings" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo of the fourth installment of the series from Ubisoft.


[Foreign Dialogue 00:00:40]

Ezio: Give me a minute.

Woman 1: Lead the way.

Woman 2: We meet again.

Ezio: Stay put. Tarik was no traitor, Suleiman. He too was tracking the Byzantines.

Suleiman: What? So did you?

Ezio: I'm sorry.

Suleiman: God forgive me. I should not have been so quick to judge.

Ezio: He was loyal to your grandfather to the end, and through his efforts we have the means to save your city.

Suleiman: Ah Tarik. He should not have been so secretive. What a terrible way to do a good thing.

Ezio: The weapons were taken to Cappadocia. Can you get me there?

Suleiman: Yes, of course. I will arrange a ship to take you.

Man: Suleiman, I have been setup, and made to look a traitor. Do you remember Tarik, the Janissary?

Suleiman: The man you quarreled with?

Man: He has been murdered. It is no secret that he, and I were at odds. Now the Janissaries will accuse me of this crime.

Suleiman: This is terrible news, uncle.

Man: When word gets back to my father, he will banish me from the city. Forgive me nephew. I was not aware that you had a guest.

Suleiman: This is Marcello,one of my European advisers in Kefe.

Ezio: Buonasera (Good evening)

Man: Marcello, my nephew and I have a private matter to discuss.

Suleiman: As I said there will be a ship ready for you when you're ready to leave.

Ezio: Gracie, mio principe (Thank you, my Prince).

Suleiman: We will track down the perpetrator of this crime, uncle. Have patience.

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