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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 52 - Setting Sail

Beat "Setting Sail" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo of the fourth installment of the series from Ubisoft.


Yusuf: Sayin Aucitore! Word around the city is you're leaving us.

Man 2: Is nothing I do a secret?

Yusuf: Not to worry, brother. The captain of your ship is a friend. But neither of you are going anywhere just yet. The Janissaries have raised the chain across the mouth of the Halig and ordered a full blockade until you are caught.

Man 2: They raised the chain for me?

Yusuf: We will celebrate later. Here, I have something for you. Careful. This has fifty times the kick if our usual bombs.

man 2: Good. I know what to do.

Yusuf: The suspense is palpable.

Man 2: Yusuf, wait. Un Favore.

Yusuf: Yes?

Man 2: There is a woman running a bookshop at the old Polo trading post... Sofia. Look out for her. She is a remarkable lady.

Yusuf: You have my word.

Man 2: Gather your men. This will attract some attention.

Man 3: Those ships are armed. They're waiting to stop your boat. You take care of them. We will clear the docks.

Man 4: Don't let him reach the ship!

Man 5: Yours is not a subtle approach.

Man 2: Si. Sorry for the delay.

Man 6: Do you regret anything, Desmond?

Desmond: Like what?

Man 6: Running away. Leaving your parents behind. Finding a shit job, and pretending to be productive. What's it like spending your whole life avoiding hard decisions?

Desmond: Come on...

Man 6: Sure you're an Assassin, but it wasn't your choice.

Desmond: Do you have a point?

Man 6: I want to know if you regret anything.

Desmond: Sure. I wish I'd been more patient with my parents. I wish I'd listened. And Lucy... maybe things could have been different if I'd- I'm not sure.

Man 6: Thank you.

Desmond: For what?

Man 6: For making sense...

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