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Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough Part 57 - Last of the Palaiolgi

Beat "Last of the Palaiolgi" from Assassin's Creed Revelations with this online demo of the fourth installment of the series from Ubisoft.


Manuel: Citizens! Soldiers! Compose yourselves. Do not give in to fear! We are the true shepherds of Costantinopolis. We are the lords of this land. We are Byzantines. Kourayo (Have courage)! Stand fast! Do not let anyone break your . . . Skata (Shit). Stop that man! Cut him down!

Stop and think for a moment. Think about the lives you have disrupted today, the anarchy you have shown here!

[Inaudible 00:01:17]

Manuel: You! You take advantage of a poor and displaced people, using us to further your own vain quest! But we fight for dignity. Assassin. We fight to restore peace to this troubled land.

Ezio: Templars are always quick to talk of peace, but very slow to concede power.

Manuel: Because power begets peace, vlaka (idiot)! It cannot happen in reverse. These people would drown without a firm hand to lift them up, and keep them in line!

Ezio: There he is, the monster I came to kill.

Manuel: You thought I will be easy. I should have been Constantine's successor. I had so many plans.

Ezio: Your dreams dies with you, Manuel. Your empire is gone.

Manuel: But I am not the only one with this vision, Assassin. The dream of our Order is universal. Ottoman, Byzantine, these are only labels, costumes and facades. Beneath these trappings, all Templars are part of the same family.

Ezio: Enough prattling. I am here for the Masyaf key.

Manuel: Then take it. Take it and seek your fortune. See if you get within one hundred leagues of that library before one of us finishes you off.

Ahmet: Poor Manuel, last of the Palaiologi. I should not have put him in charge of our Masyaf expedition. He was an arrogant man, impossible to keep in line.

Ezio: You disappoint me, Ahmet. Why the Templars?

Ahmet: Because I am tired of all of these pointless blood feuds that pit father against son, brother against brother. To achieve true peace, mankind must think and move as one body, with one mastermind. The secret in the Grand Temple will give us just that, and Altair will lead us there.

Ezio: Delusions. Altair's secrets are not for you.

Ahmet: I am not interested in arguing, Ezio. I am here for the Masyaf keys.

Ezio: Keys? Are there more than this one?

Ahmet: So I have heard. Perhaps I should ask someone who knows better. Sofia Sartor? Is that her name?

Ezio: She knows nothing! Leave her be!

Ahmet: We shall see.

Ezio: I will kill you if you touch her!

Ahmet: I know you'll try.

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