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How to Win a Draw in Lacrosse

Learn how to win a draw in lacrosse from the pros at Game Breaker Lacrosse Camps in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Taylor Nissi, Director of Operations for Game Breaker Lacrosse. I'm here today with Nick Schmidt who's one of our great regional directors. Please visit our website Todays face off is a very important part of the sport of lacrosse. They occur at the beginning of every game, at the beginning of most quarters and after every single goal. To be successful with the draw there's 2 different techniques you can use. The traditional grip which is one hand over hand and then the other hand under hand. Or, alternatively the motorcycle grip as become more and more popular with both hands over hand. A face off can be broken down into 2 different parts. One, the move and two in ensuing ground ball. So, the most popular moves are the clamp which is just coming over the ball clamping it. After that another popular one is the break where you bring the stick up and over the ball and with the scoop of your stick you role the ball out to wherever you'd like it. A jump is to jump your hands over the ball and use your shaft to pull the ball back behind you or out to a teammate. Now, that we understand the moves that can be utilized we can talk more about the ground ball. What I mean about ground ball is once you have the ball in your stick or you've won your move you can take a moment to survey the field and decide where to pop it. If you're players move down the line or away from you you can pop it up behind you and then put yourself in a good position to scoop a ground ball. And those are the basics of a face off. So, when you draw you're going to need to have quick hands and a great reaction speed. And to win a ground ball you're going to have to have hard work, determination, and a lot of focus.

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