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What Are the Rules of Lacrosse?

Learn the rules of lacrosse from the pros at Game Breaker Lacrosse Camps in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Taylor Nissi, Director of Operations for Game Breaker Lacrosse. I'm here today with Nick Schmidt who's one of our great regional directors. Please visit our website Game play consists of ten players per team on the field at a time. That's one goalie, three defense men, three mid fielders, three attackers per team. Defense men prefer to use long poles which are 72 inches long, and each team is limited to four poles on the field at a time. All the other players on the field will use a short stick, which is between 40 and 43 inches long. The game is played with a small, galvanized rubber ball. It's important that you make sure that your stick is legal. Most common penalties result from illegal sticks. To have a legal stick the ball must fall freely out of your stick when turned at a slight angle. The depth of the pocket is also another important part. To make sure you have a legal stick you should be able to not see any free space between the ball and the bottom of the side wall. Also, your stick must be at least 6 and a 1/2 inches wide. And finally, the out of bounds rules are that if one team throws an errant pass or player with possession of the ball runs out of bounds, the possession is awarded to the other team. The only time this is not the case is when the team on offense takes the shot that either bounces off the goalie, a post, or misses the goal. The ball is then awarded to the nearest player to the ball when it goes out of bounds. Those are the basic rules of lacrosse.

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