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What Is Lacrosse?

Learn what lacrosse is from the pros at Game Breaker Lacrosse Camps in this Howcast video.


"Hi, I'm Taylor Nissi, Director of Operations for Game Breaker Lacrosse. I'm here today with Nick Schmidt who's one of our great regional directors. Please visit our website sport of lacrosse is usually played by native north Americans. Its not the fastest ground sport in America played by both men and women. For men there are 10 players on the field at a time and rose their size from 20 to 40 players depending if you are in high school or in college. The goal of the game of lacrosse is to outscore your opponent. Just score the goal you have to thrill the ball in the opponent's goal. The length of the game varies depending on your age group. Youth games generally made of 4-10 minutes quarters wheres college games 4-15 miutes a quarter. The basic lacrosse equipment consists of stick, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, helmet. Mouth guard. A Lacrosse ball is a small rubber ball made of galvanized rubber. Lacrosse is a great sport, it's a combination of basketball , soccer and a hockey. Lacrosse doesn't requires yoy to be as tall as a basketball player or as fast as a soccer player . there is a position for every single person as long as you have the stick skills the throw and catch the ball.

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