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What Is Dodging in Lacrosse?

Learn how to do dodges from the pros at Game Breaker Lacrosse Camps in this Howcast video.


"Hi, I'm Taylor Nissi, Director of Operations for Game Breaker Lacrosse. I'm here today with Nick Schmidt who's one of our great regional directors. Please visit our website Dodging in Lacrosse is when you're trying to beat the man covering you when you have the ball. Certain things to remember when dodging are one, you wanna dodge your head up so you can see the field, a lot of times if you're successful in your dodge, you'll draw a slide which means there's an open guy on your team. The next important part about dodging is always remember is you wanna come out of dodging in full speed. The couple basic dodges of Lacrosse are the face dodge, split dodge and the roll dodge. The face dodge is the most basic dodge, and what you'll do is take the stick, keep it in in whatever hand you have it in and use your body as a natural stick protector, this way the defender can't get your stick. The next level of dodge from there is the split dodge,and you'll start that up with a simple jab step, keeping your stick starting in the middle of your body, it will come down between your legs, and bring your bottom hand up to the throat of your stick. You'll then switch hands and come out and come out of it with the stick on your other hand. After that, the next dodge is the roll dodge. And again we start with it with a jab step using our body to protect, we simply roll and come out of it with the stick in the same hand.
And those are three types of Dodges that are most often utilized in the game of Lacrosse."

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