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How to Do Pinup Cheek Makeup

Learn how to apply makeup to your cheeks for a pinup look in this Howcast makeup tutorial with Patricia Longo.


With Pinup makeup some people tend to do a little pale look and with the bright bright lips. So I'm going to try a little bit of a baby pink because I use the pinkish red lipstick on her. And Summer Hike just came up with this real cool trio and it gives a little contour as well. So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to use the pink- "turn this way" and I'm going to show you where I go. I do a little circular and I bring it up a little bit and I stay on her cheek. The cheek is what's highlighted here. Turn this way. And I'm giving her just a little color not too heavy but it's going to look nice with the pinkish red lips. If you put too much blush on one side and not enough blush on the other side, I would take your little sponge again and just blend it very lightly although I think it looks pretty nice. Now this is the soft look that I do like. Sometimes people tend to go a little stronger. And that is the finish product of a Pinup Girl'.

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