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How to Do Pinup Face Makeup

Learn how to do face makeup for a pinup look in this Howcast makeup tutorial with expert Patricia Longo.


I'm going to show you how to do pinup makeup today, but first I'm going to start with a clean face with Ashley. So what I like to do first is always use a primer. And I'm just doing a nice clean primer so the skin feels nice and smooth. Not too heavy. Half a dime size is enough for primer, and you can always use your fingers and just feel it out. And what a primer does is it mainly keeps the foundation on for many hours and it also sets the makeup nicely. And then on the same brush, I'll blend the foundation. I always like to start around the bridge of the nose. Then I'll take a sponge, this is a beauty sponge, it's really great to get into the little corners and I'll blend it, blend it, blend it, make sure the color is right. People always ask me what color foundation do you use; you always try to choose a foundation slightly darker than the skin. Not exact, just a slight shade darker just to warm up the face. As you can see, Ashley looks a little tired today. So what I'm going to do is first throw a little foundation all around the eye. And we'll get her with concealer before and after because the pinup look has a really nice matte finish, so it's nice to use a lot of matte colors. Like I said, I'm going to blend with my beauty sponge. And not to worry about any little bumps or flaws, you'll get that at the end. But as you can see, I'm making her face very matte, and I am going a little heavy on the foundation and the pinup look does tend to go a little heavy. Get a little on the neck, give her a little color. And even if you're not really good at doing foundation, if you get one of these and just blend it, blend it, blend it, it really evens out the foundation nicely besides the foundation brush. I like to take a little loose powder and use a finishing brush that has a little bit of the little hairs. You see that little funny little hairs at the end? What it does is it's just doing it lightly. And what it's doing is it's setting the foundation but not making it cakey looking. Let me show you one eye with a little concealer brush. Sometimes I take the finger and I smoothen it out. And people always ask me do you use concealer before or after. A lot of times you can do it before, but nine out of ten times you're going to have to do it again because you'll see it doesn't always cover the first time. Concealer is the one thing you use to hide all the flaws at the end, so even if you put your foundation on you're still going to see something, whether it's an acne zit or your dark circles. Something's going to come out, and this is the one thing I love the most is just keep blending, blending, blending. And now her face is ready to start the pinup makeup.

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