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How to Do Scene Lip Makeup

Learn how to do your lip makeup for a scene look in this Howcast makeup tutorial with expert Patricia Longo.


When you do Scene Makeup Lips' after we do some fun, strange looking eyes, I take a little foundation or concealer or whatever you like and I dab a little on her lips. I'm going to take a very pale pink lip-liner, not too bright. "Smile". Just something so I can outline her line. "Close". Now I'm going to choose a bubble gum pink, something fun. This is one color lipstick I love from Giorgio Armani. It's sort of just a baby pink. "Go Aaahh". Now I'll go on as heavy as I want. You can use a lip brush or you can throw it directly on, it doesn't matter. And then what I like to do is I try to choose baby, shiny; something that has a little shimmer. You see how it has a [xxx] shimmer color. Just a very bright pink gloss, I like going crazy with gloss. Now if I want to make it just a little more pink I'll take a flat little eye shadow brush. Now I'll take a pink, pink eye shadow and I dab it, dab it, dab it and its giving her a little bit more baby pink. Believe it or not, that eye shadow will stay better than the actual lipstick. And that is the Scene Look'.One word which seemed unclear has been marked as [xxx]

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