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How to Do Scene Eye Makeup

Learn how to do your eye makeup for a scene look in this Howcast makeup tutorial with expert Patricia Longo.


I'm going to show you how to scene makeup today. Everybody always says, "What's scene makeup?" Scene makeup is very bright eyes. Colors, lots of colors. Colorful eye shadow. Bright lips. It's just a lot of makeup on the eyes.

And, Ashley already has lashes and liner on. But, we are going to pump those eyes up with lots of fun color.

So, I want to start with a nice turquoise color. And I'm going to throw it all over your eyelid. Don't get scared. Now, you see how I'm tapping out all that shadow, so it doesn't fall all over your face.

So, we had very neutrals on her eyelids. I'm going to go right over it with bright colors. And, I'm staying in the crease right now. And you can get fun with this. You can throw a lot of shimmer. We can do shimmer liner that has a little gold in it.

So, here I am, taking just the turquoise and I'm putting it in the crease. I've got a nice little fat brush. And keep going back and forth until I finally say, okay, "Enough."

Now, I'd like to take this flat brush. And, what I'm going to do is I'm going to put orange on your face now. And, I dabbed it in water a little bit so you can really see the color. Do you see that?

And you can get fun with this. Close your eyes. As you see just because I made it a little wet, it's going to stay on. And, I'm not going to care about eye shadow falling on her face. We'll clean that last.

And, the only reason why I put the turquoise first is because I'm actually going to use another shadow on top of everything. So, what I'm doing is I'm just blending a ton of colors.

So, now I'm going to take the orange and throw it even here. Just going to go crazy with the orange. And, I'm going to make it as thick as I want.

The whole idea is to make the eyes fun. Almost like Kesha. You know, Kesha, the singer? Sometimes when I'm doing this kind of makeup I tend to do the eyes and then do everything else. If you don't have experience and you feel like you're going to mess up the eyes really badly, it's okay.

I'm going to take black, with a little shimmer. See it? And I don't know if you can see the shimmer in it. It's a shimmer black eye shadow. I'm going to go right here in the crease again. Right on top of that turquoise.

So, the turquoise was my background. And now, the black shimmer is going to blend it all together.

And now that I've used the shimmer eye shadow I'm going to use a shimmer liquid liner, which is lots of fun. Turn your head this way. Now, she already had a black liner on top. But now I'm going to put a liner that has shimmer in it to give it the scene look.

The thicker the line, the heavier it goes. Keep your eye closed, though, so it dries. This is all about the eyes. So, whenever it is all about the eyes, you want to fill in the eyebrows even stronger. So you can really see eyebrow.

And there's so many different scene looks. But, I decided to go with turquoise and orange for Ashley because she has pretty blue eyes. And, it sort of brings out her blue eyes.

So, then I take a smudge eyeliner. And I'm going to go inside, outside, all around your eye. So, look up. Because we're going to start inside. Look up.

And this Stella pencil's my favorite. It really is black. Really smudgy. I like to start with the inside first, because I've already put the liner on top.

So, some people say, "Oh. Why would you want all that makeup?" But, it's a lot of fun. It's really pretty. It can be very, very sexy. As you can see, her eyes are already popping.

I like to add more mascara. It's all about the mascara. I'm going to add mascara on the bottom. So it gets really thick. And, don't worry if it clumps. I'll show you how we clean up the clump. So, even though I put black eyeliner inside, I'm going to put a ton of mascara.

And, I don't care if I get it everywhere. You can just keep adding layers of mascara. And then, what I do is I take another brush. Sort of starts to give a raccoon looking eye. Some people like to do that punchy black raccoon eye. So, smoky, smoky, smoke it up.

So, all I'm going to do with that is, I'm going to smudge the black pencil under her eyes. Use a smudger and really smoke it out. So, this is the part people get messy. So, you really have to be careful you don't get too messy.

So, what I usually do is, I'm going to put a dot right there. You see that dot right there? Now, with the scene look, I can do a few little dots. And, it gives her sort of like a doughy look. I'm just putting little dots underneath her eye. On top of the orange.

The one in the middle is going to be the strongest. It almost looks like an extension of the mascara. Pretty cool. Because you don't have to wear fake lashes on the bottom.

So, that's the eye for the scene look. And now I'm going to do the lips.

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