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How to Do Chola Lip Makeup

Learn how to do your lip makeup for a chola look in this Howcast makeup tutorial with expert Patricia Longo.


"So now I going to the lips of Chola makeup, with Chola makeup you don't really do much to the blush, it's all about the eyes and the lips and we always like to do a little dark lip. I'm going to use, this one has more of a bronze, it's like a bronze eyeliner. Then I has some that's eggplant and then this one's a chocolate brown lip liner from Mercier and it's really up to you on how reddish-brown you want to go, how chocolate brown, how bronzy brown you want to go.

But I think I'm going to do the chocolate brown lip liner from her. Smile. So as you can see it's pretty dark. I always start in the middle of the lip, you can start from the top, bottom, there's no rule. Now this is where people get creative, with Chola makeup the top lip some people like to go round and some people go pointy.

A lot of Chola makeup is very pointy. So if you want to create that pointy look you do like the tepee of a house, you see the tepee? It looks like a big M and then I bring it down and I like to connect it because it really is about the liner. It's all about line, line, line and then I make it even thicker. Smile. Watch what I'm doing, I make my tepee, you like that? The tepee? Uh huh.

So now you can really see how brown and sharp the lip liner is and like I said, a lot of people use a chocolate brown eye liner as lip liner. It's also a lot of fun. And the last step for it is the lipstick, but we like to use lip gloss with this and we do a very light color so you can still see the lip liner, almost like a beige. Actually add a little white, just added a little white eye shadow because my white eye shadow is my friend when it comes to Chola makeup.

Do not blend your lips together, do not go mmmm because you're not going to have the right effect. I'm going to go back to my chocolate brown lip liner, so I kept the baby pale color in the middle and I really want to emphasis the line for the Chola. And as you can see it's all about liquid eye liner all around the eye with light, light shadow, emphasis on the eyebrow, sharp lips but you don't blend the lipstick with the lip liner, which is what we usually do, but not with Chola makeup. Chola makeup we like to keep it where you can actually see the beautiful shape of her lip and mainly the lip liner and now you have a Chola look.

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