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How to Do Pinup Lip Makeup

Learn how to do your lip makeup for a pinup look in this Howcast makeup tutorial with expert Patricia Longo.


So when I'm going a strong lip, I really like to throw a little foundation on top of the lists just like this. And I'll set it with a little bit of powder, just a little bit, so I can create a line very strong. So I'm going to take a reddish, it's sort of a reddish brown, something very safe in case you mess up with the color of the liner. And what I do is I'll start right around here on her top lip, and I like to go a little fuller. So I'll go slightly above her lip line. And Ashley has pretty lips but we want to make the top lift just a little fuller. Now I also have a two option thing. I like doing that. I like doing a little of the liner so I can see. Smile. I'm using a reddish brown. So I'm a big mixer when it comes to lipsticks. Now being that Ashley is a blondie and I'm a brunette, I tend to go for more of a blue red for myself. But with Ashley I'd like to try an orangey red. So what I would do is I take my pallet of colors and I'll mix. I'll take a little bit of the orange, take a dab of the red. If I can't get the right color, I'll mix them. And now that I've mixed my color to try to find a nice color for Ashley just open up your mouth a little start on the bottom. Ooh, I think I do like this color. When you're my skin tone you can do the dark blue reds. When your Ashley's color, I like to tend to stick to a pink red or an orange red. And as you can see I'm trying to follow and trying to stay inside the line that I created. But that's okay, if I mess up I will just go right over it again with the lip liner. Make sure you get inside. Go "Ah". I love saying, "Go ah," I always feel like a dentist. And I get really inside there. The red has to be everywhere, so go inside, on the corners, just like a dentist. Now if I were to mess up the line, I would take my liner again, just make it nice and clean, and what I'm doing is I'm mixing the liner with the lipstick on the top where I did mess up. And there are the dark strong lips for a pinup look.

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