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How to Do Emo Eye Makeup

Learn how to do Emo eye makeup in this Howcast makeup tutorial with expert Patricia Longo.


So I just finished doing the foundation in the face for Emo Makeup and now I am going to move on to the eye and I am using all of these brushes see all these brushes, I love all these. These brushes are your tools to Emo Makeup; but first I start with a flat brush and I want to put a little bit of a beige tone on your eyelid. Close your eyes! I am only going to go to the eyebrow make a simple white eyebrow line, but with a cream color, I filled in her eyebrows with the brown pencil. It is in angle, eyebrow brush and I simply use the brown color make it really really dark. Some people will do black. I personally like the black shadow but brown eyebrows, I do not like black black. There is two brushes here. See this brush and this brush and basically these two brushes are full of lid so you can use. One is fatter and one it is a little small, but they are both lid brushes I am literally going to use in matte black eye shadow. Now this is a scary stuff, because this can end up all over your face. Now this is my little magic weapon. Looks like a big fan. You like it? Not pretty? Nice little hello! And I put it right here on the cheek. Does that feel nice? And I take my flat brush, and what I do is just slide it over. Now you are definitely going to get black all over the place. But not to worry, as long as you do what I tell you, you will be fine. So as you can see I am dabbing it slowly and flat flat flat the black and hoping that I did not mess up. Now if you do not want to have one of these, you can also use a simple sponge. They both do the job. I am putting the sponge literally right underneath the lashes, you see that? so, that way anything that falls, falls on the sponge. So here I go, I am going to show you. I just want you to see how much? See that! See how much black eye shadow would have been on your face Andrea! That is magic! And now I am using the contour and I am using black again because I really want it to show up. So I will go like this, and you can get a little messy with this does not have to be neat. And then I take the fat one. Do you see the fat one? I like the fat one. That is the only time I like fat, is on a brush not on me. Okay! Now what I am doing is that I am pressing on her eye with the fat one. This is when fat means good. We like nice and thick and fat. So little by little I have just being layering the eye shadow. It is layering. I did one, two, and this is three. And it is getting blacker and blacker. Okay! Because Emo is all black it does not matter if we use cake eyeliner, or liquid black eyeliner, or black pencil kohl. I seem to like black pencil kohl because I do not care now if it gets all smudgy on top of my eye. It does not have to be perfect, because you have black eye shadow everywhere, so the easiest thing to use is a black kohl pencil. What I am going to do is, I am going to go right underneath and I am going do as much black as I want. See now I can make my line go zigzag, I can do whatever; I could put a nice P for Patricia, pear on your eyelid you would never know, nice and smudgy. Open! And then I am going to sharpen it. Look up! So now I am going to go underneath her eyes with the smudge pencil and then go all the way inside. I always start in the middle like I said. It is the easiest way. And I am going as thick as I want. I am having fun with this. I am having fun with black. Black on black. That is what this is, black on black. I am even going inside her eye. Put little inside the eye. I can paint her entire eye with the pencil as you can see. Look at this right in the middle. Actually, it is really fun to put black kohl pencil. So this is the crazy part, now, this is where you take your fingers. And your finger, close your eye! and I just smudge the eye liner a little into the shadow. Can you feel it? And now just add a little more mascara. She has got great lashes. Just adding a little more of a two, three coats of mascara that we have used on her. So, I am putting foundation underneath her eyes. Get my studio-fix with my little brush. And I try to keep her skin looking very matte, matte, matte, matte very matte, because I want it to be all about the eyes. And now we are going to move on to rest of the face for Emo Makeup.

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