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How to Contour Your Face like Jennifer Aniston

Learn how to contour your face like Jennifer Aniston in this Howcast makeup tutorial with expert Patricia Longo.


So I just finished doing the Jennifer Aniston eyes. Now we're going to do a natural, natural cheek, and what it is is it's a lot of shimmer. I've been using this Salma Hayek trio, which is really pretty because you have a contour, a blush and a shimmer. And what I like doing is I like to contour first. And I take a small precision brush, put the contour. We want a little contour here just right in there. Turn this way. As you can see, I mean, I'm making it where you can actually see the contour. And Jen has a very sharp chin, so I do this right in there. And you will see the difference in her contouring. Now Jen's nose, she contours it. Actually it doesn't really need, she has a tiny little nose. But if you wanted to trim out your nose, you would put a little darker shadow here, a little darker shadow here, and of course I'd blend it, and I'd take another contour here and here. So it's three simple steps. You got your cheek contour, you got your nose contour and you got your chin contour. And that really gives you the shape of Jennifer Aniston. If you have a square forehead, you want to round out on the corners here. And then I take a little bit of blush, which we're going to use the pink, pink. Just on the apples, not too much. And I blend it with the shimmer so you can see it, you can really, really see the shimmer. And I'm doing this like little punch on the face. So I punched your face with the blush and the shimmer. I want to set it with a little bit of powder and I'm blending it to make it smoother. I don't know if you can see it, but it really has a nice illuminous shimmer. And this is from a company called Arbon. They make great creams for the face, but I actually love this powder. So now that's what I did with the cheeks and now we're going to go to the lips.

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