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How to Do Your Lip Makeup like Jennifer Aniston

Learn how to do your lip makeup like Jennifer Aniston in this Howcast makeup tutorial with expert Patricia Longo.


"So the final touch is always the lips and if you ever look at Jennifer Aniston she always has very natural, pretty neutral color lips. She's very natural, smile, so I tend to go for a very pink, natural color lip liner. I love the Spice from Mac and I like to blend a lipstick with a lip gloss just to give that color. This one's from Laura Mercier very pale, pale pink and I mix it with the gloss that's very light as you can see, it almost has sort of a beigy color tone.

She doesn't go over her lips, she doesn't do very much to her lip but if you notice it is pink, very close to the color of the lip. And a very natural color with a little bit of shine, little bit of gloss in there and that's the Jennifer Aniston look.

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