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How to Do Your Eye Makeup like Jennifer Aniston

Learn how to do your eye makeup like Jennifer Aniston in this Howcast makeup tutorial with expert Patricia Longo.


So after we did the face and the cheeks, I'm going to take that cream peach blush and I put just a little right here in the middle on her eyelids. Now Jen always seems to have the orange, silver, very natural color eyeshadows. I love the silvers and the greys and the orange on her eyelids. But what I'm doing is I'm just putting that cream, peachy blush right there. And now, as you can see I have my little playful palette, a bunch of different colors, but I'm going to test on my hand first that color and this color. Now these are two silvery greys, it's very shimmery, very natural looking. Swipe a little bit of grey in here, and as you can see, I 'm dabbing, I like to dab inside. I'm dabbing right on the eyeball, I start from the crease. It's all about choosing the right color shadow, but you don't wanna make it too heavy. And now I just blend with my sponge. If I wanna lighten it up, I'll simply take a light shadow- lemme get a little white in here, a little white in there, and I slightly take a little white all on the eyelid so it doesn't look so grey. I like to take one of these brushes that just smudges it all together, watch this, just smudging and smudging and look how natural that looks. And I use it with a grey and white shadow with a little bit of peach right there. That's a very natural eye that Jen does. So Jen, I just fill in her eyebrows a little bit with some brown, soft brown. And then we go for the mascara. So I did the eyeshadow, I did the mascara, I'm still trying to keep it very very natural, and what I wanna do is get underneath her eyes. And this is a new product from Selma Hyak, it's a stick on one side, turn this way, and I blend with my finger. I try not to constantly go like that, I really really try hard to dab dab dab. Then, on the other side we have a little liquid tube. And because Jen likes a lot of shimmer around the eyes, I love this stick, Shimmer from Laura Mercier, gives a little shimmer in there, I blend it with the concealer. You can actually see the shimmer, and I like using my finger, it's the best thing to blend underneath the eyes. I also like using a shimmer stick, which has- see all that shimmer in there? And this is what Jen, if you notice, she always looks like she has so much shimmer around the eyes. It's really quite pretty. What I do is I take a small little brush like this, I'll take a little more grey. I'm smudging shadow where I put the cream stick. I take that same dark shadow and I mix it with a little black shimmer, just a little bit- I don't use too hard of a line on Jen. So I would do just a little to make it look as natural as possible. I'm just rimming her eye with the shimmer shadow. If you think that you got a little eyeshadow on her face, take a little baby wipe, clean it up, always reapply the concealer. And those are the Jennifer Aniston eyes.

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