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How to Do Your Face Makeup like Jennifer Aniston

Learn how to do your face makeup like Jennifer Aniston in this Howcast makeup tutorial with expert Patricia Longo.


"So I'm going to do a Jennifer Aniston look on Ashley. Now Jen always looks fresh, she's the girl next door that everybody loves. So I start off again with the primer but I'm going to add a little shimmer into the primer. I like mixing in a tinted moisturizer that has shimmer in it and I mix them together, dab a little foundation in it and I mix it all together, just one big melting pot. And then what I do is, I start near the nose and I also notice that Jen likes a little bit of color so we decided to choose a foundation that has a little more color than Ashley.

Jen has that California sun-kissed tan, and I'm going to cover everything and I definitely thin it out. I don't make it too heavy, as a matter of fact what I do is I take a wet sponge, I dip my wet sponge, make it a little wet, squeeze out the excess, see? And what I do is gently blend it all in, make it very natural and clean because you don't want too heavy a foundation. Jen doesn't wear heavy, heavy foundation. She has very pretty skin and that's what makes her so pretty because she has very nice, smooth, chiseled face. I don't know if you've ever noticed but Jen seems to shimmer everywhere.

I love using a cream blush that has lots of shimmer in it. This one's from Lancome, it's called Magie Blush. See how it has a very peachy tone, Jen's checks are always very peachy. But now smile, take a little bit of the peach and I'm just putting it on the checks but see how it's blending in very naturally? It doesn't even look like blush, it looks like her cheeks are just naturally peachy. And it's all about learning about each product and giving a nice, natural shimmer on the cheek with color, a cream blush that has shimmer in it is very good.

Now I'm doing this before I start the eyes just so you can get a look at the skin before because really what I'm doing right now is, I'm not putting this on for blush, I'm giving her that shimmer, natural look. See if you look at her checks it doesn't really look like blush it looks like she has naturally peachy checks with some shimmer. So that's the basic face for the Jennifer Aniston look , so it looks very, very natural and it looks like her skin is actually peachy. Now we're going to start with the eyes.


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