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How to Make Up Your Cheeks like Selena Gomez

Learn how to do your cheek makeup like Selena Gomez in this Howcast makeup tutorial with expert Patricia Longo.


So I'm going to give her a Selena Gomez cheek. Now I just finished doing bronze eyes, very natural, bronze around the eye, black inside the eye, and now I'm going to give you a nice punchy cheek. I like pink. Pink is always pretty. And so as you can see, I had put shimmer on her cheeks after the foundation. Smile for me. And I'm going to put a little bit of pink. And it has a little bit of shimmer. I'm using the Salma Hayek trio, which I love. It's got a blush, a shimmer and a contour, but you don't need any contour. And you can get brighter and brighter and brighter. It's all a matter of taste if you want a bright, bright cheek. And she does. She wears very bright cheeks. And that is the cheek part. So that's the cheeks for Selena Gomez, and the last step is going to be her lips.

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