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How to Do Your Face Makeup like Selena Gomez

Learn how to do your face makeup like Selena Gomez in this Howcast makeup tutorial with expert Patricia Longo.


Music plays. So i'm gonna give Andrea the Selena Gomez look today. So i'm gonna put a little grimer that has a little bit of color. All over the face with my foundation brush. You have a little bit of a Selena Gomez look. Humpf. I'm gonna throw a little foundation. And i like to mix to get the right color. So i'm basically going in down motions with my foundation brush. Go nice and slow if you like or nice and fast. Doesn't matter but i like to go down on the neck a little bit so it evens out. And if i use too much. My little magic trick. My sponge and i wet it a little bit and I wet it a little bit squeeze the excess water. And blend it in softly. Now Selena is very young and what i like about young skin always gooey and glowy and pretty. Doesn't look dry or dull. I always recommend using lots of moisturizer. Sometimes a aluminum tinted moisturizer is fun. What i'm gonna do after putting the foundation on. I'm not gonna throw any powder on her because i won't i want a nice young gooey looking natural look so this is my aluminum tinted moisturizer. It doesn't really have much of a color from Steela but you see how gooey it is look at that. I't looks white on my hand, but trust me it doesn't have any color. Smile. And i'm putting it on her cheeks because i want her cheeks to be glowy. So i'm going right on the apple's you can put a lot on it's okay. I go crazy with this stuff especially when i'm giving a young gooey look. Sometimes i even throw Vaseline on the face believe it or not it gives a nice shine to it. And i throw it on the forehead, nose, chin mainly on the cheeks and chin. And then if you want sometimes i put it down here.Whatever you have left-over don't waste it. Put it on the neck. Put it on the collarbone have fun with it its illuminating. And it also gives a very nice young look. And this is the face. We're starting with for Selena Gomez

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