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Skyrim Walkthrough Part 3 - Unbound

See how to get "Unbound" in Skyrim with this online demo.


Rolof: Look out! Damn, that dragon doesn't give up easy. Grab everything important and let's move. Dragon's burning everything to the ground.

Man: I just need to gather some more potions.

Rolof: You won't take us alive!

Imperial Soldier: You won't leave Helgen alive! Agh!

Rolof: A storeroom. See if you can find any potions. We'll need them. Done? Let's get moving. Troll's blood! It's a torture room. Hear that? Come on! What are you doing?

Torturer's Assistant: Victory is-

Rolof: Was Jarl Ulfric with you?

Stormclock Soldier: No, I haven't seen him since the dragon showed up.

Rolof: Wait a second. Looks like there's something in this cage. It's locked. See if you can get it open with some picks. We might need that gold once we get out. Grab anything useful and let's go. Better to stick together down here.

Man: Orders are to wait until General Tullius arrives.

Man 2: I'm not waiting to be killed by a dragon. We need to fall back.

Rolof: Imperial dogs!

Stormcloak Soldier: Never should have come here. You don't have a chance.

Rolof: Let's see where this goes.

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