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Skyrim Walkthrough Part 6 - Before the Storm

Check out Part 7 and make your preparations "Before the Storm" in Skyrim with this online demo.


Camilla Valerius: I guess I should get back to my brother. He'll throw a fit if I take too long. Such a child.

Ralof: I trust you're not planning any trouble. What can I do for you, friend?

Lucan Valerius: The sooner you find the claw, the sooner our lives can get back to normal. Oh, a bit of this, and a bit of that.

Faendal: Did I see you talking to Sven? Maybe not. Maybe, never mind. But I would stay away from him if I were you. Riverwood's agreeable enough, I suppose. For a Nord village. He's a bard, so he says. Occasionally he finds time to do his job here at the mill. Thinks his ballads and sonnets are going to convince Camilla Valerius to marry him. As if she would say, "Yes." An intelligent, beautiful woman like her wouldn't fall for that nonsense, I hope.

I've been thinking, maybe Camilla needs a little help seeing Sven for what he is. Could you giver he this letter and say it's from Sven? I think I've matched that Nord's lack of cleverness perfectly.

Camilla Valerius: You're a strapping young man. Don't be a stranger. Another poem, I'll bet. He does know how to make a girl blush. What's this? If that oaf thinks all I'm going to do is stay in that filthy house of his and clean, I'll... You can tell Sven that he already has a mother. I'm not speaking to him anymore. Good luck. Lucan and I will be waiting for you back at the shop.

Faendal: Riverwood's agreeable enough, I suppose. For a Nord village. I appreciate your help. Please, take this. Some gold I've saved up from working at the mill.

Lead the way. I'm right behind you. What do you want me to carry? I'll show you what I know. What do you want me to carry? I'll show you what I know. What do you want me to carry? Lead on.

Embry: What are you staring at?

Imperial Soldier 1: Citizen. I'm warning you. Your presence is interfering with Imperial business. Be gone!

Imperial Soldier 2: I'll wash the ground with your blood.

Farkas: Come on! Come on! That's it? That's all you've got? You look strong. come to Jorrvaskr and be a Companion!

Ria: Fight with us and you'll have storied to tell. Come up to Jorrvaskr if you're worth anything in a fight.

Aela: You handle yourself well. You could make for a decent shield brother. An outsider, eh? Never hear of the companions? An order of warriors. We are brothers and sisters in honor. And we show up to solve problems if the coin is good enough. Well nobody asked you. If you think you're better than we are, go talk to Kodlak Whitemane. See what a warrior of true mettle is like.

Farkas: Getting tired of hanging around talking all day.

Whiterun Guard: Halt! City's closed with the dragons about. Official business only. Fine, but we'll be keeping an eye on you.

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