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Skyrim Walkthrough Part 7 - Before the Storm

Make your preparations "Before the Storm" in Skyrim with this online demo.


Man 1: I've got your back.

Faendal: What do you want me to carry?

What do you want me to carry?

Man 1: I'll show you what I know.

Faendal: What do you want me to carry?

Whiterun Guard 1: Brigands I can handle, but this talk of dragons? World's gone mad.

Ysoldo: I spend a lot of time at the market stalls so I can learn the merchant's trade. I need more experience . . .

Whiterun Guard 2: What do you need?

Idolaf: Damn those Gray-Manes to Oblivion. They want to back the Stermclooks.

Proventus Avenicci: We cannot afford to act rashly in times like these.

Man 1: Nothing?

Irileth: What's the meaning of this interruption? Jarl Balgruuf is not receiving visitors.

Proventus Avenicci: I just think we need more information before we act.

Irileth: As housecarl, my job is to deal with all dangers that threaten the Jarl or his people. So you have my attention. Now, explain yourself.

Irileth: You know about Helgen? The Jarl will want to speak to you personally. Approach.

Jarl Balgruuf: So you were at Helgen? You saw this dragon with your own eyes?

By Ysmir, Irileth was right!

What do you say now, Provent-? So we continue to trust in the strength of our walls against the dragon?

Gerda: I might just be a servant among lords, but I don't think for a moment I don't take my duties as seriously as the jarl himself.

Irileth: My lord, we should send troops to Riverwood at once. It's in the most immediate danger, if the dragon is lurking in the mountains . . .

Proventus Avenicci: The Jarl of Falkreath will view that as a provocation! He'll assume we're preparing to join Ulfric's side and attack him.

We should not...

Jarl Balgruuf: Enough! I'll not stand idly by while a dragon burns my hold and slaughters my people!

Irileth, send a detachment to Riverwood at once.

Irileth: Yes, my Jarl.

Proventus Avenicci: If you'll excuse me, I'll return to my duties.

Jarl Balgruuf: That would be best.

Well done. You sought me out on your own initiative. You've done Whiterun a service, and I won't forget it. Here, take this as a small token of my esteem.

There is another thing you could do for me, suitable for someone of your particular talents, perhaps.

Come, let's go find Farengar, my court wizard. He's been looking into a matter related to these dragons and rumors of dragons.

Jarl Balgruuf: Farengar, I think I've found someone who can help you with your dragon project.

Go ahead and fill him in with all the details.

Farengar: So the Jarl thinks you can be of use to me? Oh yes, he must be referring to my research into the dragons.

Yes, I could use someone to fetch something for me.

Well, when I say fetch, I really mean delve into a dangerous ruin in search of an ancient stone tablet that may or may not actually be there.

Ah, no mere brute mercenary, but a thinker, perhaps even a scholar?

You see, when the stories of dragons began to circulate, many dismissed them as mere fantasies, rumors, impossibilities. One sure mark of a fool is to dismiss anything that falls outside his experience as being impossible.

But I began to search for information about dragons. Where had they gone all those years ago? And where were they coming from?

I learned of a certain stone tablet said to be a housed in Bleak Falls Barrow, a "Dragonstone," said to contain a map of dragon burial sites.

Go to Bleak Falls Barrow, find this tablet, no doubt interred in the main chamber, and bring it to me, simplicity itself.

Off to Bleak Falls Barrow with you. The Jarl is not a patient man. Neither am I, come to think of it.

Jarl Balgruuf: This is a priority now, anything we can use to fight this dragon, or dragons. We need it quickly, before it's too late.

Farengar: Of course, Jarl Balgruuf. You seem to have found me an able assistant.

I'm sure he will prove most useful.

Jarl Balgruuf: Succeed at this, and you'll be rewarded. Whiterun will be in your debt.

Farengar: Oh, I thought you were already on your way to Bleak Falls Barrow.

What are you still doing here? The Jarl said retrieving that stone tablet is a priority. Remember?

I had you figured for a mage. I think you'll appreciate this.

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