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Skyrim Walkthrough Part 11 - Bleak Falls Barrow

Retrieve the Golden Claw and the Dragonstone from "Bleak Falls Barrow" in Skyrim with this online demo.


Faendal: Wow. Would you look at that.

I'm right behind you. What do you want me to carry?

Lucan Valerius: The sooner you find the claw, the sooner our lives can get back to normal.

You found it? There it is. Strange. It seems smaller than I remember. Funny thing, huh? I'm going to put this back where it belongs. I'll never forget this. You've done a great thing for me and my sister.

Farengar: You see? The terminology is clearly First Era or even earlier. I'm convinced this is a copy of a much older text, perhaps dating to just after the Dragon War. If so, I could use this to cross-reference the names with other later texts.

Delphine: Good, I'm glad you're making progress. My employers are anxious to have some tangible answers.

Farengar: Oh, have no fear. The Jarl himself has finally taken an interest, so I'm now able to devote most of my time to this research.

Delphine: Time is running, Farengar, don't forget. This isn't some theoretical question. Dragons have come back.

Farengar: Yes, yes, don't worry. Although the chance to see a living dragon up close would be tremendously valuable.

Delphine: We have a visitor.

Farengar: Now, let me show you something else I found, very intriguing. I think your employers may be interested as well.

Ah, yes, the Jarl's protege! Back from Bleak Falls Barrow? You didn't die, it seems.

Ah! The Dragonstone of Bleak Falls Barrow! Seems you are a cut above the usual brutes the Jarl sends my way.

You'll have to see the Jarl about that, maybe his steward, Avenicci. I'm sure one of them will pay you appropriately.

My associate here will be pleased to see your handiwork. She discovered its location, by means she has so far declined to share with me.

So your information was correct after all. And we have our friend here to thank for recovering it for us.

Delphine: You went into Bleak Falls Barrow and got that? Nice work. Just send me a copy when you've deciphered it.

Irileth: Farengar! Farengar, you need to come at once. A dragon's been sighted nearby.

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