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Skyrim Walkthrough Part 13 - Dragon Rising

Defeat the "Dragon Rising" over Whiterun in Skyrim with this online demo.


Whiterun Guard 1: What's happening?

Irileth: Everybody, get back!

Whiterun Guard 2: The power of old! The Voice of the Dragonborn!

I can't believe it! You're Dragonborn.

In the very oldest tales, back from when there still were dragons in Skyrim, the Dragonborn would slay dragons and steal their power. That's what you did, isn't it? Absorbed that dragon's power?

Well, you can Shout now. You couldn't before, right? That can only mean one thing. You must be Dragonborn.

Whiterun Guard 3: Dragonborn? What are you talking about?

Whiterun Guard 4: That's right! My grandfather used to tell stories about the Dragonborn, those born with the Dragon Blood in them, like old Tiber Septim himself.

Whiterun Guard 3: I never heard of Tiber Septim killing any dragons.

Whiterun Guard 2: There weren't any dragons then, idiot. They're just coming back now for the first time in forever.

Whiterun Guard 4: But the old tales tell of the Dragonborn who could kill dragons and steal their power. You must be one!

Whiterun Guard 1: What do you say, Irileth? You're being awfully quiet.

Whiterun Guard 3: Come on, Irileth, tell us, do you believe in this Dragonborn business?

Irileth: Hmph. Some of you would be better off keeping quiet than flapping your gums on matters you don't know anything about. Here's a dead dragon, and that's something I definitely understand. Now, we know we can kill them. But I don't need some mythical Dragonborn. Someone who can put down a dragon is more than enough for me.

Whiterun Guard 2: You wouldn't understand, Housecarl. You ain't a Nord.

Irileth: I've been all across Tamriel. I've seen plenty of things just as outlandish as this. I'd advise you all to trust in the strength of your sword arm over tales and legends.

Whiterun Guard 2: That was Shouting, what you just did! Must be. You really are Dragonborn then.

Player: Foos!

Whiterun Guard 1: By all I hold sacred, that's a Shout, like the Greybeards on their mountain!

Whiterun Guard 2: We taught that dragon not to mess with Whiterun, didn't we?

Greybeards: Doh Vah Kin!

Proventus Avenicci: Good. You're finally here. The Jarl's been waiting for you.

Jarl Balgruuf the Greater: You heard the summons. What else could it mean? The Greybeards . . .

Hrongar: We were just talking about you. My brother needs a word with you.

Jarl Balgruuf the Greater: So what happened at the watchtower? Was the dragon there?

There's no question about that. It was a mighty deed. You've earned a place of honor among the heroes of Whiterun. But there must be more to it than that. Did something strange happen when the dragon died?

So it's true. The Greybeards really were summoning you.

Masters of the Way of the Voice, they live in seclusion high on the slopes of the Throat of the World.

The Dragonborn is said to be uniquely gifted in the Voice, the ability to focus your vital essence into a Thu-um or Shout. If you really are Dragonborn, they can teach you how to use your gift.

Hrongar: Didn't you hear the thundering sound as you returned to Whiterun? That was the voice of the Greybeards, summoning you to High Hrothgar! This hasn't happened in centuries, at least, not since Tiber Septim himself was summoned when he was still Talos of Atmora!

Proventus Avenicci: Hrongar, calm yourself. What does any of this Nord nonsense have to do with our friend here? Capable as he may be, I don't see any signs of him being this, what, "Dragonborn."

Hrongar: Nord nonsense? Why you puffed-up ignorant . . . These are our sacred traditions that go back to the founding of the First Empire.

Jarl Balgruuf: Hrongar, don't be so hard on Avenicci.

Proventus Avenicci: I meant no disrespect, of course. It's just that, what do these Greybeards want with him?

Jarl Balgruuf: That's the Greybeards' business, not ours. Whatever happened when you killed that dragon, it revealed something in you. And the Greybeards heard it. If they think you're Dragonborn, who are we to argue? You'd better get up to High Hrothgar immediately. There's no refusing the summons of the Greybeards. It's a tremendous honor.

I envy you, you know. To climb the 7,000 steps again . . . I made the pilgrimage once, did you know that? High Hrothgar is a very peaceful place, very disconnected from the troubles of this world. I wonder that the Greybeards even notice what's going on down here. They haven't seemed to care before.

No matter. Go to High Hrothgar. Learn what the Greybeards can teach you.

You've done a great service for me and my city, Dragonborn. By my right as Jarl, I name you Thane of Whiterun. It's the greatest honor that's within my power to grant. I assign you Lydia as a personal Housecarl and this weapon from my armory to serve as your badge of office. I'll also notify my guards of your new title. Wouldn't want them to think you're part of the common rabble now, would we? We are honored to have you as Thane of our city, Dragonborn.

Back to business, Proventus. We still have a city to defend.

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