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Skyrim Walkthrough Part 14 - The Way of the Voice

Check out Part 15 and climb The 7000 Steps to learn "The Way of the Voice" from the Greybeards in Skyrim with this online demo.


Lydia: The Jarl has appointed me to be your housecarl. It's an honor to serve you. The Jarl has recognized you as a person of great importance in the hold. A hero. The title of Thane is an honor, a gift for your service. Guards will know to look the other way if you tell them who you are. As my Thane, I'm sworn to your service. I'll guard you, and all you own, with my life. Until next time.

Bjorlam: My carriage is the safest... Where do you want to go? Climb in back and we'll be off. You ready to go yet?

Ever been to Windhelm? Oldest city in Skyrim, by some accounts. They say the big old palace there was built by Ysgramor...

Faendal: Not quite good enough, are you?

Gwilin: On your way up the 7,000 Steps again, Klimmek?

Barknar: Aye. I did. Strange days when the monks will do that. I wonder what it means. I like to spend time up here. Walk the Steps, meditate on the emblems. Doesn't hurt when I bag some game along the way. Aye.

Karita: Keep an eye out for wolves if you're headed up the path to High Hrothgar. Walking the Steps. Meditating on the emblems. I make this trip every few years. All right, then.

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