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Skyrim Walkthrough Part 21 - A Blade in the Dark

Slay Sahloknir like "A Blade in the Dark" in Skyrim with this online demo of the role-playing game from Bethesda.


Iddra: No, you don't want to go up there. A dragon, it's attacking.

It flew over the town and landed on the old dragon burial mound.

I don't know what it's doing up there but I'm not waiting around to find out.

Delphine: Stay undercover. This is what we came for. We need to see what happens.

Steady. I don't know what's happening. Let's watch and wait.

This is worse than I thought.

Alduin: You do not even know our tongue, do you? Such arrogance to dare take for yourself the name of Dovah.

Delphine: I'm going to check that out.

Faendal: Die dragon! I'll see you in pieces.

Sahloknir: I am Sahloknir. Here my voice and despair.

Faendal: Slay it. Slay the dragon.

Sahloknir: I see mortal have become arrogant while I slept.

Faendal: Damn you!

Delphine: Come on. This is our best chance.

Faendal: This ends now.

Faendal: It's to be a real [inaudible 00:04:33]

Delphine: That was well done. Come on. I've been wanting a closer look at one of these buggers.

Wait, something is happening. Gods above.

So you are. It's true, isn't it? You really are the Dragonborn. I owe you some answers, don't I? Go ahead. Whatever you want to know. Nothing held back.

I'm one of the last members of the Blades. A very long time ago, the Blades were dragon slayers. And we served the Dragonborn, the greatest dragon slayer. For the last 200 years since the last Dragonborn Emperor, the Blades have been searching for a purpose. Now that dragons are coming back, our purpose is clear again. We need to stop them.

The first thing we need to do is figure out who's behind the dragons. The Thalmor are our best lead. If they aren't involved, they'll know who is.

Before the Great War, the Blades helped the empire against the Thalmor. Our Grand Master saw them as the greatest threat to Tamriel. At the time, that was true. Maybe it still is. So we fought them in the shadows, all across Tamriel. We thought we were more than a match for them, we were wrong.

Nothing solid yet. But my gut tells me it can't be anybody else.

The empire had captured Ulfric. The war was basically over. Then a dragon attacks. Ulfric escapes and the war is back on. And now the dragons are attacking everywhere indiscriminately. Skyrim is weakened, the Empire is weakened.

Who else gains from that but the Thalmor?

If we could get into the Thalmor Embassy, it's the center of their operations in Skyrim. Problem is that place is locked up tighter than a miser's purse. They could teach me a few things about paranoia.

I'm not sure yet. I have a few ideas but I'll need some time to pull things together.

Meet me back in Riverwood. If I'm not back when you get there, wait for me. I shouldn't be long. Keep an eye on the sky. This is only going to get worse.

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