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Skyrim Walkthrough Part 22 - Diplomatic Immunity

Check out Part 23 and circumvent Thalmor "Diplomatic Immunity" in Skyrim with this online demo.


Man 1: I serve Jarl Baalfruuf. Splendid! There's a house available right now. Wonderful! Here's the key to your new home. Enjoy your visit to Dragonsreach.

Faendal: You lead, I'll follow.

Arngeir: Ah! You've retrieved the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. Well done. You have now passed all the trials. Come with me. It is time for us to recognize you formally as Dragonborn. You are ready to learn the final word of Unrelenting Force, "Dah," which means "Push."

Wulfgar: Dah.

Arngeir: With all three words together, this shout is much more powerful. Use it wisely. Master Wulfgar will now gift you with his knowledge of "Dah." You have completed your training, Dragonborn. We would speak to you. Stand between us and prepare yourself. Few can withstand the unbridled Voice of the Greybeards. But you are ready.

Wulfgar: [foreign language 00:03:48]

Arngeir: [foreign language 00:04:37] You have tasted the Voice of the Greybeards, and passed through unscathed. High Hrothgar is open to you. Wind guide you. We spoke the traditional words of greeting to a Dragonborn who has accepted our guidance. The same words were used to greet the young Talos, when he came to High Hrothgar, before he became the Emperor Tiber Septim.

Ah, I sometimes forget you are not versed in the dragon tongue as we are. This is a rough translation, "Long has the Stormcrown languished, with no worthy brow to sit upon. By our breath we bestow it now to you in the name of Kyne, in the name of Shor, and in the name of Atmora of Old. You are Ysmir now, the Dragon of the North, hearken to it."

Embry: What are you staring at?

Delphine: I don't think you were followed. Come on. I have a plan. I've figured out how we're going to get you into the Thalmor Embassy. So that's your plan, huh? Even if you could survive, by the time you go inside, whatever documents they had would be long gone. We're there for information, remember? Trust me, I've been doing this for a long time. My way is better.

The Thalmor ambassador, Elenwen, regularly throws parties where the rich and connected cozy up to the Thalmor. I can get you into one of those parties. Once you're inside the Embassy, you get away and find Elenwen's secret files. I have a contact inside the Embassy. He's not up for this kind of high-risk mission, but he can help you. His name is Malborn. Wood elf, plenty of reason to hate the Thalmor. You can trust him. I'll get word for him to meet you in Solitude, at the Winking Skeever. You know it? While you're doing that, I'll work on getting you an invitation to Elenwen's little party. Meet me at the Solitude stables after you've arranged things with Malborn. Any questions? Sounds good. Be careful.

Bjorlam: Need a ride? Where do you want to go? Climb in back and we'll be off. First time to Solitude? Beautiful old city. Capital of Skyrim, but I'm sure you already . . .

Svari: They can't hurt Uncle Roggvir. Tell them he didn't do it.

Aldis: Positions.

Addvar: Svari, you need to go home. Go home and stay there until your mother comes.

Man 2: Get on with it!

Vivienne: Traitor! You should tell her that her uncle is scum that betrayed his high king. Best she know now, Addvar.

Addvar: You're all heart, Vivienne. Not right now.

Aldis: Roggivir, you helped Ulfric Stormclock escape this city after he murdered High King Torygg. By opening that gate for Ulfric you betrayed the people of Solitude.

Beirand: Traitor!

Man 2: He doesn't deserve to speak!

Roggvir: There was no murder! Ulfric challenged Torygg. He beat the High King in fair combat. Such is our way. Such is the ancient custom of Skyrim, and all Nords!

Jala: Boo!

Sorex: Boo!

Roggvir: On this day, I go to Sovngarde.

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