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Skyrim Walkthrough Part 29 - Alduin's Wall

Decipher "Alduin's Wall" with Esbern and Delphine at Sky Haven Temple in Skyrim with this online demo.


Esbern: Fascinating. Original Akaviri bas-reliefs, almost entirely intact. Amazing. You can see how the Akaviri craftsmen were beginning to embrace the more flowing Nordic style.

Delphine: We're here for Alduin's Wall, right, Esbern?

Esbern: Yes, of course. We'll have more time to look around later, I suppose. Let's see what's up ahead. Shor's bones. Here it is. Alduin's Wall, so well preserved. I've never seen a finer example of early second era Akaviri sculptural relief.

Delphine: Esbern. We need information, not a lecture on art history.

Esbern: Yes, yes. Let's see what we have. Look, here is Alduin. This panel goes back to the beginning of time, when Alduin and the Dragon Cult ruled over Skyrim. Here, the humans rebel against their dragon overlords, the legendary Dragon War. Alduin's defeat is the centerpiece of the Wall. You see, here he is falling from the sky. The Nord Tongues, masters of the Voice, are arrayed against him.

Delphine: So does it show how they defeated him? Isn't that why we're here?

Esbern: Patience, my dear. The Akaviri were not a straightforward people. Everything is couched in allegory and mythic symbolism. Yes, yes. This here, coming from the mouths of the Nord heroes, this is the Akaviri symbol for shout. But there's no way to know what shout is meant.

Delphine: You mean they used to shout to defeat Alduin? You're sure?

Esbern: Oh, yes. Presumably something rather specific to dragons, or even Alduin himself. Remember, this is where they recorded all they knew of Alduin and his return.

Delphine: So we're looking for a shout, then. Damn it. Have you ever heard of such a thing? A shout that can knock a dragon out of the sky?

You're probably right. I was hoping to avoid having to involve them in this, but it seems we have no choice.

Right. Good thing they've already let you into their little cult. Not likely they'd help Esbern or me if we came calling. We'll look around Sky Haven Temple and see what else the old Blades might have left for us. It's a better hideout than I could have hoped for. Talos guard you.

Esbern: Look, here. In the third panel. The prophecy which bought the Akaviri to Tamriel in the first place, in search of the Dragonborn. Here are the Akaviri, the Blades. You see their distinctive longswords. Now they kneel, their ancient mission fulfilled, as the last Dragonborn contends with Alduin at the end of time. Are you paying attention, Delphine? You might learn something of our own history.

Arngeir: Sky above, voice within. Where did you learn of that? Who have you been talking to?

Yes. For matters of such gravity, we need to know where you stand or who you stand with.

The Blades! Of course. They specialize in meddling in matters they barely understand. Their reckless arrogance knows no bounds. They have always sought to turn the Dragonborn from the path of wisdom. Have you learned nothing from us? Would you simply be a tool in the hands of the Blades, to be used for their own purposes?

What I want is irrelevant. This shout was used once before, was it not? And here we are again. Have you considered that Alduin was not meant to be defeated? Those who overthrew him in ancient times only postponed the day of reckoning, they did not stop it. If the world is meant to end, so be it. Let it end and be reborn.

No, not now. Not until you return to the path of wisdom.

Einarth: Arngeir. Rok los Dovahkiin, Strundu'ul. Rok fen tinvaak Paarthurnax. Dovahkiin.

Arngeir: Dragonborn, wait. Forgive me. I was intemperate. I allowed my emotions to cloud my judgment. Master Einarth reminded me of my duty. The decision whether or not to help you is not mine to make.

No. I cannot teach it to you because I do not know it. It is called Dragonrend, but its words of power are unknown to us. We do not regret this loss. Dragonrend holds no place within the way of the voice.

But not Dragonrend. The knowledge of that shout was lost in the time before history began. Perhaps only its creators ever knew it. But I am not the one to speak of it to you.

Only Paarthurnax, the master of our order, can answer that question, if he so chooses.

You weren't ready. You still aren't ready. But thanks to the Blades, you now have questions that only Paarthurnax can answer.

He lives in seclusion on the very peak of the mountain. He speaks to us only rarely, and never to outsiders. Being allowed to see him is a great privilege.

Only those whose voice is strong can find the path. We will teach you a shout to open the way to Paarthurnax.

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