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Skyrim Walkthrough Part 30 - The Throat of the World

Check out Part 31 and tinvaak with Paarthunax atop "The Throat of the World" in Skyrim with this online demo.


Arngier: The path to Parthurnax lies through this gate. I will show you how to open the way.

Arngier: Lok. Vah. Koor.

Arngier: I will grant you my understanding of Clear Skies.

Foendahl: Oh.

Arngier: This is your final gift from us, Dragonborn. Use it well.

Arngier: Clear Skies will blow away the mist, but only for a time. The path to Parthurnax is perilous, not to be embarked upon lightly. Keep moving, stay focused on your goal, and you will reach the summit.

Dragonborn: Lok Vah Koor!

Foerndahl: I'll kill you!

Drem Yal Lok. Greetings, wundinik. I am Parthurnax. Who are you? What brings you to my strumah . . . my mountain?

They see me as master. Wurth. Oniik. Old and wise. It is true I am old . . . Tell me. Why do you come here volaan? Why do you intrude on my meditation?

Drem. Patience. There are formalities which must be observed, at the first meeting of two of the dov.

Parthurnax: By long tradition, the elder speaks first. Hear my Thu'um! Feel it in your bones. Match it if you are Dovahkiin!

Yah Toor Shul! Why do you intrude here, if not for tinvaak?

A gift, Dovahkiin. Yol. Understand Fire as the dov do. Now, show me what you can do. Greet me not as mortal, but as dovah!

Ah, yes. Sassedov los mul. The dragonblood runs strong in you. It is long since I had the pleasure of speech with one of my own kind.

So, you have made your way here, to me. No easy task for a joor . . . mortal. Even for one of Dovah Sos. Dragonblood. What would you ask of me?

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