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Skyrim Walkthrough Part 41 - Alduin's Bane

Check out Part 42 and be "Alduin's Bane" by reading the Elder Scroll at the Time Wound in Skyrim with this online demo.


Paarthurnax: You have it. The Kel - the Elder Scroll. [foreign]. Time shudders at its touch. There is no question. You are doom-driven. [foreign]. The very bones of the earth are at your disposal.

Go then. Fulfill your destiny. Take the scroll to the Time-Wound. Do not delay. Alduin will be coming. He cannot miss the signs.

Hakon: Gormlaith! We're running out of time! The battle . . .

Dragon: [foreign]. Today Alduin's lordship will be restored. But I honor your courage. [foreign]. Die now, in vain.

Hakon: [foreign]!

Gormlaith: Know that Gormlaith sent you down to your death! Hakon! A glorious day, is it not?

Hakon: Have you no thought beyond the bloodying of your blade?

Gormlaith: What else is there?

Hakon: The battle below goes ill. If Alduin does not rise to our challenge, I fear all may be lost.

Gormlaith: You worry too much, brother. Victory will be ours!

Hakon: Why does Alduin hang back? We've staked everything on this plan of yours, old man.

Felldir: He will come. He cannot ignore our defiance. And why should he fear us, even now?

Gormlaith: We've bloodied him well. Four of his kin have fallen to my blade alone this day.

Felldir: But none have yet stood against Alduin himself. Galthor, Sorri, Birkir.

Gormlaith: They did not have Dragonrend. Once we bring him down, I promise I will have his head.

Felldir: You do not understand. Alduin cannot be slain like a lesser dragon. He is beyond our strength, which is why I brought the Elder Scroll.

Hakon: Felldir, we agreed not to use it!

Felldir: I never agreed. And if you are right, I will not need it.

Hakon: No, we will deal with Alduin ourselves, here and now.

Gormlaith: We shall see soon enough. Alduin approaches!

Hakon: So be it.

Alduin: [foreign].

Gormlaith: Let those that watch from Sovngarde envy us this day! [foreign]!

Alduin: [foreign]! What have you done? What twisted Words have you created? [foreign] Paarthurnax! My teeth to his neck! But first, [foreign]. You will die in terror, knowing your final fate, to feed my power when I come for you in Sovngarde!

Gormlaith: If I die today, it will not be in terror.

Felldir: [foreign]!

Gormlaith: You feel fear for the first time, worm. I see it in your eyes. Skyrim will be free!

Hakon: No, Damn you! It's no use! Use the Scroll, Felldir! Now! Hold, Alduin on the Wing! Sister Hawk, grant us your sacred breath to make this contract heard! Be gone, World-Eater! By words with older bones than your own, we break your perch on this age and send you out! You are banished! Alduin, we shout you out from all our endings unto the last!

Alduin: [foreign].

Felldir: You are banished!

Hakon: It worked. You did it.

Felldir: Yes, the World-Eater is gone. May the spirits have mercy on our souls.

Alduin: [foreign]. My belly is full of the souls of your fellow mortals, Dovahkin. Die now and await your fate in Sovngarde.

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