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How to Survive Boot Camp with Sergeant Michael Volkin

Learn about Sergeant Michael Volkin, one of Howcast's military experts, in this video.


About the Expert: Sergeant Michael Volkin: My name is Sergeant Michael Volkin, also known as the Volkinator and I'm the author of the Basic Training series of books available at You know growing up I never thought twice about joining the military. It was the attacks on September 11th, 2001 where I realized I was taking for granted all the freedoms that I had that much of the world could only dream about so I ran down to my recruiter's station and one month later after the attacks I was face to face with the drill sergeant. And I was totally unprepared for basic training. And that became my mission to help other recruits go through basic training prepared unlike I did. Today is that mission. You can learn fun, interactive learning materials that can help you prepare for basic training. Email me at and enter the word howcast in the subject and I'll send you a free class of our basic training university online learning school.

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