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How to Make the First Day of Boot Camp Bearable

Learn how to make the first day of basic training more bearable in this US army basic training video from Howcast with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


"My name is Sergeant Michael Volkin, also known as the Volkinator, and I am the author of the ultimate basic training series of books, available at Your first day at basic will be one you're never gonna forget. Ask anyone with prior military experience and they're gonna tell you a story of remarkable detail. So, let me explain to you what's gonna happen. First of all just understand that the day is gonna suck. It's gonna be long, and you're gonna be overworked, you're gonna be lacking sleep, and it's gonna be stressful, okay. And you're gonna do nothing right, even if you do everything right. In my case, they loaded about 70 soldiers up on a cattle truck. And a cattle truck can fit about 20 soldiers. So we're all in the cattle truck with our arms over our head and the duffle bags with no suspension. And it took about a 10 minute ride and by the time the cattle truck stopped our arms and shoulders were burning because we were holding that weight over our head. And when we all had to get out of the truck tip: don't be the last one out of truck there were dozens of drill sergeants waiting for us, yelling at us, barking orders. And uh, the first task we had to do was to line up all of our duffle bags in alphabetical order. So here we are, surrounded by 70 other recruits, we don't know each other's names, and we had to line up our bags in alphabetical order. Not an easy task to do in three minutes. By the way, if a drill sergeant says to get something done in three minutes, it means 45seconds. They can't tell time very well. So after about four hours of exercising we were told to go upstairs and shower our muddy bodies but they conveniently turned off the hot water. So we were muddy, tired, cold, and we had to go to bed and wake up in about three hours for the next day of training. That'll be somewhat similar to your first day, but it will be memorable.


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