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Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough Part 1 - Delayed Burial

Help a very strange stranger with a "Delayed Burial" in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with this online demo of the open world action role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios.


Cicero: Agh! Buther and befuddle! Stuck here! Stuck! My mother, my poor mother. Unmoving. At rest, but too still! Poor Cicero is stuck. Can't you see? I was transporting my dear, sweet mother. Well, not her. Her corpse! She's quite dead. I'm taking mother to a new home. A new crypt. But... ouch! Wagon wheel! Damnedest wagon wheel! It broke! Don't you see? Oh, oh yes! Yes, the kindly stranger can certainly help! Go to the farm, the Loreius farm. Just over there, off the road. Talk to Loreius. He has tools! He can help me! But he won't! He refuses! Convince Loreius to fix my wheel! Do that, and poor Cicero will reward you with coin! Gleamy, shiny coin!

Vantus: Oh, for the love of Mara. What now? That Cicero feller? Tell me something I don't know. Crazy fool's already asked me about five times. Seems he's not satisfied with my answer. Why can't he just leave us alone? Pay me? You think this is about money? Have you seen the man? He's completely out of his head. A jester? Here, in Skyrim? Ain't been a merryman in these parts for a hundred years. And he's transporting some giant box. Says it's a coffin, and he's going to bury his mother. Mother my eye. He could have anything in there. War contraband. Weapons. Skooma. Ain't no way I'm getting involved in any of that.

What? And just who in Mara's name are you, anyway? Hmm? Come here, telling me my business. And for what? To help a fool! Look, I... Yes, you're right. You're right. Feller might be nutters, might not. But fact is, he needs help. I turn him away, what kind of man am I, hmm? Look, thanks. And I'm sorry for my unneighborly reaction. If you talk to Cicero, you be sure and tell him I'll be down to help soon.

Curwe: You need something talk to my husband. Vantus Loreius. Or just Loreius, if it's all the same to you.

Cicero: Poor mother, her home seems so very far. You did? He has? Oh stranger! You have made Cicero so happy! So jubilant and ecstatic! But more! Even more! My mother thanks you! Here, here. For your troubles! Shiny, clinky gold! A few coins for a kind deed! And thank you, thank you again. I will wait for Loreius! Oh yes, mother and I will wait right here, right here until he fixes our wheel.

Grimvar: Then it's true, what everyone is saying? That Aventus Aretino is doing the Black Sacrament? Trying to summon the Dark Brotherhood?

Idesa Sadri: Oh, Grimvar, always with the nonsense. No, no, of course not. Those are just tales.

Grimvar: Fine. Then I'll invite him out to play. He lives right there. I'm going to knock on his door.

Idesa Sadri: No, child! Wait! That boy, that house, they are cursed.

Grimvar: Ha! Then I'm right. I knew it. He's trying to have somebody killed!

Idesa Sadri: All right. I won't deny it, child. What you heard is true. But Aventus Aretino walks a dark path. His actions can lead only to ruin. Now. enough. We will speak no more of this. I am the only friend you need.

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