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Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough Part 7 - Kill Lurbuk and Hern

Kill Lurbuk and Hern, Dark Brotherhood contracts in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with this online demo of the open world action role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios.


Lurbuk: Is the line for my next performance starting already? Come on, don't be shy. Plenty of room for everyone.

Hern: You're not supposed to be in here. This is the last time I'll... Thought I heard something.

Astrid: We need to talk. Look, something is happening here. I'm not sure entirely what that something is but, well, we need to find out. If the Night Mother really did give you an order to talk to a contact, we'd be mad to ignore it and I think we'd both agree Cicero's brought quite enough madness to this sanctuary. So go, go to Volunruud. It's a crypt, pretty far to the northeast. Talk to this Amound Motierre and let's see where all this leads.

Nazir: Word certainly travels fast, doesn't it? Please tell me you flayed that horrible bard alive and made a drum from a skin. Wonderful, the only good bard is a dead one, as far as I'm concerned. All that singing and mirth. Your payment, as per the usual. No sarcasm this time. You faced a vampire and lived to tell the tale. Well done. And if you contracted Sanguinaire Vampiris, be sure to get that taken care of. Else you'll end up like our own Babette. Unless, of course, that was your goal all along. Here's your payment. Go on now. So many contracts, so little time.

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