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Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough Part 8 - The Silence Has Been Broken

Meet Amaund Motierre in "The Silence Has Been Broken" a Dark Brotherhood quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with this online demo of the open world action role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios.


Amaund Motierre: By the almighty Divines. You've come. You've actually come. This dreadful Black Sacrament thing, it worked.

Yes, so it would seem. Well, I won't waste your time. I would like to arrange a contract. Several, actually.

I daresay, the work I'm offering has more significance than anything your organization has experienced in, well, centuries.

As I said, I want you to kill several people. You'll find the targets, as well as their manners of elimination, quite varied. I'm sure someone of your disposition will probably even find it enjoyable. But you should know that these killings are but a means to an end. For they pave the way to the most important target. The real reason I'm speaking with a cutthroat in the bowels of this detestable crypt. For I seek the assassination of the Emperor

That is correct. What I ask is no small thing, of course. But you represent the Dark Brotherhood. This is what you do? No? You must understand. So much has led to this day. So much planning, and maneuvering. Now, it's as if the very stars have finally aligned. But I digress. Here, take these. They need to be delivered to you superior.

Rexus. The items.

Rexus: Here. Here.

Amaund Motierre: The sealed letter will explain everything that needs to be done. The amulet is quite valuable - you can use it to pay for any and all expenses.

Astrid: You're back. Good. All right, so? Did you meet this Motierre? What did he want?

You're joking.

What's this?

By Sithis, you're not joking.

To kill the Emperor of Tamriel. The Dark Brotherhood hasn't done such a thing since the assassination of Pelagius. As a matter of fact, no one has dared assassinate an Emperor of Tamriel since the murder of Uriel Septim, and that was 200 years ago.

No, she certainly wouldn't. And for whatever reason, she chose to relay Motierre's information to you. I don't know exactly what's going on here, if you're the Listener, or this is some fluke, or what. But what we now have before us...

You're damn right we'll accept it. If we pull this off, the Dark Brotherhood will know a fear and respect we haven't seen in centuries. You think I'd abandon an opportunity to lead my Family to glory? But this is all so much to take in. I need time to read the letter, and figure out where we go from here. And this amulet. Hmmm...

I'm thinking we need that amulet appraised. I want to know where it came from, how much it's worth, and if we can actually get away with selling it. And there's only one man who can give us what we need - Delvin Mallory. He's a fence, a private operator. Works out of the Ratway, in Riften. Give me the letter. Bring Mallory the amulet. Find out everything you can, and sell it if he's willing. He'll offer a letter of credit - that's fine. Delvin Mallory and the Dark Brotherhood have history. He can be trusted.

Aerin: Be careful Mjoll. The Thieves Guild has Maven Black-Briar at her back.

Bolli: New in town, eh? Here for the fishing I'd guess.

Thief: Is someone there?

Delvin Mallory: Ah, now you must be lost. Best ya scurry off while you're able. The Ratway, well, it has a habit of swallowin' up the uninvited.

Oh. Oh I see. Well now, how is Astrid doin' these days? Tell her to stop by some time. We can have a drink. Catch up. Ah, but we can discuss that later, yeah? What does he Brotherhood need?

Let's see... Where oh where did you get this? Don't answer - I don't want to know. This is an amulet of the Emperor's Elder Council. Specially crafted for each member. Worth a small fortune. Ain't somethin' you'd give up lightly. Look, it ain't my business to tell the Dark Brotherhood its business, but if you killed a member of the Elder Council, you'd better belie-

Buy it? This? An Elder Council amulet? Oh yes. Oh yes, indeed. Wait just one moment. Here. It's a letter of credit. Usable by Astrid only, for any service or item I can provide. As per our standard arrangement. You bring that back to your lovely mistress. With my regards.

Astrid: Good, you're back. Well, what did Mallory have to say? Is the amulet authentic?

The Elder Council... Oh, now that explains quite a bit. Motierre, you naughty, naughty boy. Hiring the Dark Brotherhood to help you rise beyond your station. Delicious. Was Mallory willing to buy the amulet?

Splendid. Then we're ready to begin. Or, more specifically, you're ready to begin. After all, you're the one the Night Mother spoke to. Now then. I hope you have something nice to wear. Because you're going to a wedding.

Well, more like the public reception. It should be a lovely affair. You'll mingle with the guests, eat some cake, stab the bride.

Oh yes. You've got to kill the bride. At her wedding. And they say romance is dead.

Very well. The target's name is Victoria Vici. She oversees the East Empire Company's business holdings in Solitude. The wedding is being held in that city, at the Temple of the Divines. Her death will cause an uproar, which is exactly what we want. Remember, we want people to notice. Kill Vici while she's addressing her guests, as is the custom, and I can promise a bonus. Now go. And give the bride a special kiss, from me.

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