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Do Any Nutritional Supplements Help Build Muscle?

Learn if any supplements help build muscle from registered dietician Glen Tobias in this Howcast video.


"Do Any Supplements Help Build Muscle?

To put on muscle, you have to eat more calories than your body burns. Now if you eat too many more calories, you put on fat, and if you don't eat enough calories, you can't build muscle and that's not what you're looking for. If you're looking to build muscle, you have to be hyper-calorie, slightly above your maintenance level, so that's when you need, technically, to be working with a professional to find out how many calories a day you need and then how many to put you at. Nothing will build muscle except working out properly. You have to fatigue the muscle, cause the muscular damage and then it will grow. There are some supplements that can help you do that better per se. Creatine could be one of them because that will help get more muscular contraction. The [inaudible] amino acids help with repair, Luecine and [inaudible] HMB can help you put on more muscle when you're working out. Again, it all stems from the workout. You can even backtrack and see how many hours of sleep did you get, how much water did you drink. These things are probably more critical than anything. Supplements just are that. They supplement what you're already doing. They are not primaries, so they don't do it by themselves. If you're looking for a product to put on 30 pounds in 30 days, you're going to be sadly upset. You really are. You're going to be very upset, sadly mistaken. Whey protein before and after can be beneficial. Caisson [sp ?] at night can be beneficial, so there are things that you can do in terms of supplements that are going to get you better results, but again, better, not off the start. You really need the exercise. It's going to be more critical.This man tended to slur some of his words. A few key words I could not recognize or look up. They are noted as [inaudible]."

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