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Should Vegetarians Take Vitamin B-12?

Learn if vegetarians should take the dietary supplement B-12 from registered dietician Glen Tobias in this Howcast video.


Should vegetarians take B12 or cholamine? The answer is probably gonna be yes. Because based on your level of vegetarianism, like a vegan, you're not gonna get enough B12 unless you're gonna be eating fortified cereals, there's other products that contain B12 but in general but it's really important for energy production in the body and you know you're not going to get enough of it cause usually you're gonna get it from meats. And if you're not gonna be eating meat, then I would recommend a B12 but, now let me take a step back and say that really everybody should be taking a multivitamin. A good multivitamin, mineral, and if that's the case you're gonna have B12 in there and you're probably gonna be set. The physicians committee for responsible medicine also recommend that vegetarians take a B12 supplement because it can only help again if you're gonna take a fortified cereal, you're probably pretty good but again, it's a water soluble and if you're not, if you're taking in more, there's not gonna be an issue. You're body is just gonna excrete it.

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