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What Is the Nutritional Supplement Glutamine?

Learn what you need to know about the dietary supplement glutamine from registered dietician Glen Tobias in this Howcast video.


Glutamine first of all in an amino acid, so there's no magic or craziness behind it. It is an awesome, post workout powder that most people put in their shakes or what have you, or take it by pill. Post workout because it's gonna aid in the recovery of the muscle tissue you just damaged or you broke down and you wanna help rebuild it. It's also tremendous before hand and I think a lot of people miss the boat on that part. Because A, it can be converted to glucose, so if the body needs energy, it's gonna go to what's in the blood before it goes to break itself down. You don't want it to break down your muscle tissue to get energy so it's gonna go to, it's gonna go to that first. It's gonna go to the glucose from the glutamine and that's gonna be great. Also it will help, may help prevent cortisol release because during high energy levels, when you work out a lot, you know your blood sugar levels will drop and that drop in blood sugar will release cortisol and that being said, cortisol is catabolic or breaks down muscle tissue. Pretty much counter productive to everybody's goal whether you're an athlete or whether you're my mom. You really wanna increase your lean body mass, your muscle. Because the more muscle you have the more fat you burn. SO that's the way people really wanna change their bodies. Weight loss is really not the key. But the point is, if you can prevent that cortisol from being released then that's gonna be tremendous. So you can take the glutamine before and you can also then take it after and the after is just gonna be just tremendous just to help recover and help repair what you just damaged when you worked out.

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