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What Is a Protein Powder Supplement?

Learn what you need to know about protein powders from registered dietician Glen Tobias in this Howcast video.


"If you don't like the way it tastes you're not going to continue to eat it, drink it, what have you, so find one that you like. Don't look for the cheapest one because you're eating it. It's going into your body. To look for the cheapest, is, in my opinion, is a scary thing to do because like I said, you don't probably buy the cheapest thing of anything in your life so why look for the cheapest thing you're going to eat.
What are you using it for, who is it for? I mean, if it's for children, you don't want anything else in the product because a lot of people will put creatine or what have you into their protein as a weight gainer kind of formula. You just want a protein if it's going to be for children and you'll have to minimize how much they're going to be taking in. You have to understand when you're going to be utilizing this protein. Is it pre or post workout? That's where whey protein is really champion. Egg is tremendous because it's a biological value of a hundred. If it's before bed, I do like the kaizen because it's a slower digesting protein with a higher fat content, keep it in your stomach even longer.
So, you know, it seems protein, it's just part of food. So, yes, I mean everyone can have it. If you're going to have let's say a slice of pizza, it's got a lot of fat, got a lot of carb, you may want to augment that with a scoop of whey protein on the side. "

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