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Are User Supplement Reviews Trustworthy?

Learn if supplement reviews by users are a good way to choose nutritional supplements from registered dietician Glen Tobias in this Howcast video.


Did they not like the way it smelled? Did it have a funny aftertaste? Was the pill too big? That product may be a tremendous product, but they got a bad review because of somebody just didn't like something that really had nothing to do about the product. I think that at, you know, a Consumer Reports, they do testing. They see if what's on that label is in that product, and that's the kind of stuff you really want to make sure of. If you want to know what product line is reputable, and what's good and what's safe, instead of using… using a user review, you may want to consult your professional. Most of the reviews, I would say, are ads. I think you have to be very, very careful where, what, you're reading because crazy people know how to write. And I do believe the internet has done more damage to my industry than it has helped, because I have read some very, very strange and interesting things online. And I read every day, to make sure that I know what my clients are reading, and help, help them through the mess of it all.

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